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Travel Back In Time To the Warmth and Charm of Creole Inn!
Creole Inn, one of the oldest inns in New Orleans, LA

One of the Best Inns of New Orleans, LA

New Orleans "Best Kept Secret!"  Like the locals(but privately)!

Welcome to the Creole Inn Guest House. Located in the historic Fauborg Marigny district of New Orleans, we’re adjacent to and just a short walk from Bourbon Street. The Historic Creole Inn is also near Frenchmen Street where Louis Armstrong and the Neville Brothers got their start.  And just around the corner is famous Bourbon Street!  The Inn will transport you to a world of old-time warmth and relaxation while you soak-up the culture and flavor of New Orleans. We are It’s the perfect place to stay for couples, small groups, business meetings and family vacations. Take a stroll through the historic neighborhoods where you’ll find charming antique shops, casual cafes, romantic restaurants, coffee houses, neighborhood bars and live music venues.

The Creole Inn is not a Bed and Breakfast but is a Guest House.  All Suites in our guest house have a private bathroom so you have your own privacy and dont have to share a bathroom with other! All double suites have 2 private bedrooms. So why stay in a hotel that has 2 beds in a room when you can have your own private room for 1/2 the price! Rooms feature memory foam mattresses, and are warm and charming.  We take no shortcuts when it comes to our guests who we also consider part of our family! 

Whether you are seeking a fun getaway to Mardis Gras or Jazzfest or simply want to experience the full-flavor of New Orleans Louisiana, you will find what you are looking for at the Creole Inn. Create memories that will last a lifetime when you "live with the locals" and experience the warmth and charm of the Creole Inn. Come stay with us and discover why the Creole Inn is considered New Orleans’ best-kept secret for affordable accommodations. 

WE KINDLY ASK YOU TO READ OUR #1 POLICY BELOW PRIOR TO BOOKING!    The Creole Inn was created to provide affordable clean accomodations throughout the year for travelers looking for a place to lay down their head.  We are an Old World New Orleans style Inn and we keep the prices low by not providing a breakfast, maid, a butler, a bell person, room service, or any other luxury services that may be offered by more expensive accomodations.  We do not provide any breakfast or meals.  We are an old fashioned establishment that does not believe in providing breakfast for an added cost of $20-$40 extra dollars per night.  We want our guests to experience the local culture and to include the local creole and cajun foods.  Our area is NOT for modern enthusiasts and we ask you to not book here if you think we are a modern day bed and breakfast because we are NOT!!!!  This house was built in the 1850's era.  We are a military family of officers and have respect for all people and we ask that you book with us for a local experience and NOT for a luxurious modern day spa stay.  We are not here to deceive anyone nor sell anything to anyone except an affordable place to stay with free parking and free internet access.  If you require the stay of an aristocrat we ask that you kindly stay somewhere else and not with us.  We want guests to enjoy their stay but we also ask guests to ensure they ask the correct questions and understand and respect the type of experience we offer.  We offer the Creole Inn as a place to stay for those who are relaxed, nice, and want a local culture stay.  New Orleans is a very different place than the rest of the world.  The streets and the buildings are old and they are NOT a typical chain hotel stay.  If you require that type of lodging please book with them.  You will pay for your stay there and you pay for what you are getting.  We cannot compete with those places nor do we try to compete with those places.  We have our guests to sign to stay with us because we want them to understand the type of place they are staying.  We welcome all people to our home but beware that you should read before you book a local stay because it may not be what you expect if you are status quo or have an obsessive compulsive disorder and we DO NOT WANT UNEDUCATED TRAVELERS BOOKING!   Here are 2 recent stories that we want to share with you about uneducated travelers:

1.  We had a teacher to stay here recently who was uneducated about the type of Inn we are and she was distraught because she thought she had booked at a spa.  So please read before you book because we are cute but not a spa! 

2.  We had another person stay here who goes by Edward S. who was rude and arrogant and then preceeded to degrade us on a travel site.  He "thought" he was staying at a "Bed and Breakfast" but arrived to "no breakfast"!  Needless to say his expectations were not properly aligned.
   Being an educated and informed reader and just reading this site would have saved him from being so disappointed that he wasnt going to get breakfast in bed.  The owners of this establisment are military officers and Ivy League graduates and we state clearly what type of place the Creole Inn is and the majority of our guests clearly state that also!  All we ask Edward S. is to educate yourself before you tell the public how disappointed you were.  We are here for guests who are nice and want a clean cheaper place to stay and not for arrogant people who have no respect for others.

We love our travelers and bend over backwards for them!!  Happy and Safe Travels we are here if you need us so just pick up the phone and call Gayl and she will answer all your questions!                                                                                  

Warmest Regards,

            Team Creole Inn

Leave your stress behind.
Immerse yourself in the history at the Historic Creole Inn.

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Old Historic Creole Inn
2471 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA 70117
(504) 941-0243 
E-Mail:  CreoleInnReservations@gmail.com

  Our staff is wonderful and inviting and will treat you with the utmost kindness and respect.  Being Nice is Important to us as we have had our share of disrespectful people.  If you are a decent person looking for great rates and a cozy stay you will love us!!!! 
The Historic Creole Inn is laidback, easygoing and we respect your privacy! If you are nice and respectful, looking for an AFFORDABLE, quiet and comfortable place to relax while in New Orleans then book with us! The Creole Inn is not for arrogant, rude, loud or high maintenance people as this is a cozy stay and NOT a 5-Star Hotel. If you require a chauffeur, a maid, a bell person, or building that looks like a modern palace then please stay at a chain hotel for 3 times the price and not inconvenience us or our wonderful charming and laid-back guests. If you are easygoing and just a "decent" person then we welcome you, your friends and your family into our guest house with open arms! We keep most rates low even as low as $49 per nite with 4 or more day stays so our guests can spend the extra savings on enjoying all that New Orleans has too offer. 
We look forward to seeing you so please come in and take your shoes off and stay a while!